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Step up your performance without drugs. We offer a number of techniques to help you reach your peak performance. Performance is more than just a physical act. Performance requires harmony between the mind and body. At the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we help you exercise the mind so that you can achieve a mind-body harmony. Peak performance training applies to sports, academics, work and other daily tasks. By achieving a state of "calm" and "readiness," you develop the ability to react to the ordinary stresses of life or when necessary the extreme stresses in sports, academic or work performance.


Some of the instruments used at the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers Group are:

Interaction of mind and body --this instrument is uses sensory integration therapy to tune gross motor skills in association with mental acuity (neurology) to reach peak performance. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers increases the neurological connections between the brain and the body resulting in improved mental acuity, cognitive ability, reaction time and overall better coordination and performance." Makoto is used by professional sports teams in Denver, St. Louis and Pittsburgh and by coaches and rehab specialist across the country.


Makoto® is a fitness game, but for mental training. It gives "players" a great cardio workout, but the primary health benefit of makoto is the improvement of the neurological link between the brain and body. By improving communication between the brain and body, drastic improvements can be achieved in:


• eye-hand coordination

• focus and concentration

• quickness and reaction time

• mental acuity

• stress reduction

• "1st step" speed and much more!


Young adults and kids enjoy makoto for its virtual reality qualities; it's lights, sounds and computerized live action competitive play. Seniors enjoy makoto for its variety of low impact workouts to keep the mind and body in shape. Athletes enjoy the makoto for its relentless, high speed presentation of targets, improving reaction time, quick pattern recognition, mental clarity concentration and spontaneity of action. Human performance and cross-training are only a few of the benefits of makoto.

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