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Its purpose is to give anyone who thinks that he or she has ADD, or knows someone— loved one, student, employee, boss, friend— who has it, the tools necessary to understand what is happening and to deal successfully with ADD behavior.


People with ADD tend to be unintelligent and probably never will be successful in school or careers.


Most ADDers are not lacking in intelligence, and many are well above average, even gifted. In addition, they often are highly creative and intuitive. They still have academic difficulties because of the way their nervous systems function. Their best learning styles often differ from the kind of teaching present in most schools (hands on or visual learning versus note 7 taking and lecture, for example.) Some ADDers have other learning problems, such as dyslexia, in addition to ADD.

There are many famous and successful people who have (or, in the case of historical figures, fit the profile of having) ADD. Most lists include Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, and Steven Spielberg. In recent years, many movie stars, scientists, politicians, writers, and other well known people have come forward and told stories of having been labeled as “stupid” or showing no promise because of undiagnosed ADD and/or learning disabilities. In fact, elementary school teachers of both Einstein and Edison arrogantly declared that neither boy would amount to anything! Recognizing and treating ADD early can help children to avoid the traumas of negative labeling and failure.


Before continuing, let’s clear up the confusion between the terms “ADD” and “ADHD.” The official diagnostic categories according to the DSM IV of the American Psychiatric Association all use the heading “ADHD.” According to the manual, there are three subtypes of ADHD: predominantly inattentive type; predominantly impulsive, hyperactive type; and combined type, where inattention and hyperactivity are both present. So, science now knows that not all people with ADD are hyperactive. Increased physical activity is only one of a complex of symptoms that characterize ADD, which is the popular term that will be used throughout this book to cover the 6 whole range of ADD behaviors. Today, professionals have identified the following as the core traits of ADD:




    hyper- or over-activity


We characterize only those who exhibit significant hyperactivity as having ADHD. Since many ADDers can sit still and focus for long periods of time, particularly on activities that they enjoy, parents, physicians, and teachers may be misled and miss the more subtle manifestations of ADD.


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