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Pediatric Sensory Therapy

An Affordable Therapy Option!

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers discounted rates to any family with a financial need. You don’t have to be at the poverty level to get help. This means that whether you have insurance or not, your co-pays or private pay rates will be the lowest throughout New Jersey.  We established this policy to allow anyone the opportunity to access occupational therapy services for their child, on a budget that opens the doors to weekly and regular therapy.  Over the years, I found that the low-middle class often falls through the cracks.  The low-income can receive Medicaid, which pays for therapy.  The working low-middle class may have insurance, but the co-pays and deductibles can be too high, or the benefits too low.  By offering our services for discounted rates, we believe that opens our doors to everyone.  It is our mission to provide cost-effective quality therapy to all children with special needs.


Sensory-Motor Therapy Through Play!

Pediatric Sensory Therapy (PST) is a private pediatric occupational therapy clinic specializing in Sensory Integration (SI). We serve families of children birth to 21+ who are experiencing developmental delays, neurologic, genetic or pervasive developmental disorders, sensory integrative dysfunction and behavioral or social concerns. We also offer life skills training for kiddos transitioning out of high school into college, work, or life. These services are covered through most insurance companies through age 24, and beyond if your child is on SSI or Medicare Part B.


Therapists at PST use play as the primary modality, as well as the Therapeutic Listening Program (TLP), Wilbarger Deep Pressure Proprioceptive Technique (DPPT), Vestibular Rehabilitation/Kawar Protocol, Brain Gym, HANDLE, Bal-A-Vis-X, and DIR Floortime Techniques in therapy, and much more!


Our focus on the sensory-motor system allows the child to build coordination and strength, as well as learning adaptation skills when faced with challenges, in multiple environments.


The phrase BRAIN GYM usually modifies a noun. Whether used by itself or as a modifying phrase, it describes a specific set of movements, processes, programs, materials, and educational philosophy.


Brain Gym International is the nonprofit organization committed to the principle that intentional movement is the door to optimal living and learning. Its mission is to support self-awareness and ease of living and learning through safe, simple, and effective movement.


Brain Gym® movements, exercises, or activities refer to the original 26 Brain Gym movements, sometimes abbreviated as the 26. These activities recall the movements naturally done during the first years of life when learning to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands, and whole body. Clients, teachers, and students have been reporting for over 20 years on the effectiveness of these simple activities. Even though it is not clear yet “why” these movements work so well, they often bring about dramatic improvements in areas such as:


Concentration and Focus


Academics: reading, writing, math, test taking

Physical coordination



Organization skills


Brain Gym program or work encompasses the 26 movements, the processes/techniques, and the educational theory behind the work. The Brain Gym program, as an entity, references the:


Educational model of drawing out and honoring the individual

Value of goal setting and noticing

Importance of movement as it relates to optimal living and learning


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