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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

The best kept secret in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers: Professional Memory Care in the Warmth of a Home


You worry about the hours Dad spends by himself.


    Does he watch TV all day long?

    Does he eat enough?

    Take his meds?


    Sleep through the day, but not at night?

    Does he agree to telephone sales pitches because he’s confused or lonely?


You worry about Mom’s safety.


    Does she turn off the stove?

    Run the air conditioning in the stifling heat – the furnace in the bitter cold?

    Will she stay away from the basement stairs?

    Does she wander the neighborhood in the middle of the night?

    Find her way home?


You worry that “home alone” isn’t the right answer – but that a move into your own home or into a large facility isn’t either.

You’d stop worrying if you could findalzheimer's care - dementia care


    Treat each resident as a person, not a patient.

    Protect the comfort and dignity of all.

    Offer activities tailored to individual interests, backgrounds & capabilities.

    Focus on making the most of each moment.


You’ll find all of this in a Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers Difference: Better Alzheimer’s Care


    Attractive ranch homes nestled in quiet neighborhoods

    Small communities, of 8 or fewer residents, sharing a warm, family style setting

    The close, personal attention of compassionate professionals – round the clock – working together to help everyone make the most of each day

    The comfort & security of an environment specially designed for people with memory loss

    Six houses catering to different levels of cognitive & physical ability, allowing most residents to live in Care Haven’s homes from Alzheimer’s early through last stages

    The difference that an attentive, local owner & approachable management team can make


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