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College is a worthy goal that parents can help their children achieve. It is vital that parents take an active role in the process.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers mission is to help children reach their full potential through education, specifically mathematics, reading, and writing. We understand how competitive the world can be, and we also know that the best preparation starts at an early age. We believe children can realize their full potential for achievement when properly challenged and stimulated. As a result, we offer courses in Math, English and Mental Calculation.


Helping Determine Your Child’s Education – Early on, it is critical for parents to help their children determine an achievable educational path to success. The type of education children receive will help determine the type of college they will likely attend. The college they attend will likely determine the type of career and lifestyle they will lead.


Helping Children Prepare Academically – Many parents, and even schools, encourage children to start thinking about college while in junior high. At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we think preparation can start as young as three or four years old. When children are stimulated early enough, amazing things can happen.


Helping Children Choose a College – Parents can assist their children’s education, by first, understanding the importance of being able to read, write and apply math at a high level. Through grade school, middle school, and high school, parents can encourage their children to pursue academic excellence. A college can be chosen well ahead of time so that children can plan to attend years in advance.


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