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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a growing community of experts in mental healthcare committed to providing leading-edge evidence-based therapies for clients, while cultivating a collegial atmosphere that facilitates lifelong learning, professional development, and work-life balance.


Our clients come to us seeking treatment for a wide variety of concerns. From individual adults, to couples, children, parents, and full families, we provide behavioral health care rooted in science and brought to life in genuine relationships where both clients and therapists are fully invested. Whether engaging in individual therapy, couples work, group-based treatment, long- or short-term therapy, our clients discover quickly the value of working with experts whose hearts are in the game. 


As providers, we share a common aspiration to continually improve our therapeutic practice and expand our expertise over the course of our careers. At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we are uniquely poised to do so through consultation, collaboration, and training with our resident colleague experts. We recognize and value each other's professional autonomy and encourage self-determination of work-life balance and independent professional ambitions.


Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a broad class of treatments that create change by focusing on the connection and transaction between thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. CBT acknowledges that thoughts are not always accurate or helpful, and we often run into trouble when we act as if our thoughts are all true. Thoughts can influence behaviors and emotions; likewise, behaviors can powerfully affect how we think and feel.


CBT is active and present-focused and looks at patterns here-and-now as opposed to focusing primarily on personal history. Together, you and your therapist will be both detectives and scientists: one minute you will be curiously exploring detailed thought-behavior-emotion patterns, and the next minute you will be experimenting with new ways of thinking and acting. An essential element to CBT is action -- engaging in new behavior both in sessions and in life in order to create a pattern of thoughts, feelings, and actions that truly serves one's values and goals.


At its core, rather than a talking therapy, CBT is a doing therapy.


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