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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Guidance. Education. Freedom. Comfort.

These are your priorities for your child. And they’re ours, too.

We’re here to help them learn to love their world. At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, your child gets what he or she needs to develop their best mind, their love of learning, their personality, their bright future.


Staff and teachers, and the relationships children develop with them, are vital for learning, for trust, and for independence. Our approach is designed to help them grow as students and people, in school, and in life beyond.


And that trust extends beyond the classroom. Our entire school is designed to ensure that your child’s safety and security remain our top priority. And communication is essential. With regular updates (including many photos) of your child’s experiences, you can feel comfortable that you are sharing this journey – every step of the way.


Childtime. Nurturing in every way.

Early Education Programs & Curriculum

Education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. We empower you with educational options to create the most fitting path for your child and to ensure they’re prepared for elementary school. We invite you to learn more about Childtime's approach to early childhood education by selecting any of our school readiness Pathway Programs below.


School Readiness Pathway

In every program, and every classroom, we address the specific needs of children based not only on age, but also individual pace of development. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that all children reach—and master—significant milestones and indicators.


Safe. Secure. Comfortable.

These are the things we want your child – and you – to feel when you walk through the doors of Empowered Learning Transformation Centers. We have the highest standards for our teachers and our facilities. Here’s a preview of what to expect when you visit a school – and when you join the Childtime family.


Teachers & Classrooms: Learn about the people and places in your child's day.

Tuition: Find out how to get the latest information on our current rates.

Tour a School: Learn about what you'll see on a school tour.

Enrollment: Joining the Childtime family is easy. See how.

Accreditation: We have the highest standards for every school and every teacher.


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