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Our teams have a calling to help you heal. Our independently-owned physical therapy clinics provide the best rehabilitation in the greater New Jersey metro region. Our professional rehabilitation teams consist of highly trained Licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and Athletic Trainers.


We help restore you to the highest level of function possible. During your treatment, you are an active participant. You will be involved in ongoing exercise, flexibility and cardiovascular rehabilitation. The intensity of your rehab program will be directed by your condition. We'll work together with you to create a program for you at the clinic and at home, both will improve your condition. We strongly value your input during the course of treatment to be sure we are meeting your goals.


Prior to your first visit, our staff will make an attempt to verify your insurance coverage for Physical Therapy.  We also strongly suggest that you verify your coverage as well. We are not able to guarantee insurance coverage for you. You will be responsible for your financial obligation. We will work with you and your insurance carrier to maximize your coverage for physical therapy sessions.


Increasing performance doesn't just have to be after an injury, or if you are getting back to playing a sport. We can help you increase your performance in your daily routine and work. Our services can help you get quicker, stronger, and faster as well as decrease your risk of injury.


Balance Training

Poor or unsteady balance can affect any and every one in different ways. Physical therapy can not only improve your balance but decrease risk of fall and prevent other injuries.


Balance is very difficult skill to master and can sometimes require physical therapy to perform safely. A Peak Sports and Spine physical therapist can assist you with their expert knowledge of balance and movement analysis. Balance training can be addressed through a number of different treatment patterns and can be progressed with various balance related exercises.  We work on even and uneven surfaces, different foot placements, and other upper body challenges to make your body work the hardest and train the best way to improve balance. Peak Sports and Spine therapists are also able to evaluate if the balance issue goes beyond the normal issues and will refer appropriately.


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