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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Professionals, Parents, and Students - Working Together to Find Educational Solutions

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offers a wide range of psychoeducational services for both pediatric and young adult populations. The goal is to provide high quality psychoeducational services and supports for clients.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers believes that the negative effects of learning differences can be minimized with the right interventions,

skill set, and support. Learning disability testing helps discover coping strategies for academic difficulties which is vital to success in academic, social, and work life.


Learning Disability Testing

Assessments are taylored for each child or young adult in order to discover the unique learning difference that may be the stumbling block to learning. A report is provided along with recommendations for success.


Academic Coaching/Study Skills

Available to children, teens, or young adults (starting higher education). Teaching of strategies to address weaknesses of mind skills called executive functions, teaching skills to manage ADHD symptoms, and teaching positive study skills.



Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offers support and advice to parents in such areas as learning disability testing, academics, behavior, parenting, various disabilities, and Section 504 or Special Education procedures and public schools. Support is also available for young adults starting out in higher education.


Clients may choose from:

Simple IQ assessment

IQ test administered and results provided.


Sometimes parents or young adults just want to know where the IQ falls.

Basic Learning Disability Assessment

Tests administered to rule in/out a specific learning disability. Report provided with suggestions for intervention.


Comprehensive Individualized


After the initial intake interview the professional will determine what testing will be necessary in order to answer the initial concern (referral) question. Testing can take several one hour sessions over several days to complete. At the final meeting the report will be provided with an explanation of the results and in-depth strategies and suggestions for interventions.


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