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visual field defects, double vision, or significant decrease in vision

Neuro-ophthalmology encompasses diseases of the optic nerves (the information highway that connects the eye to the visual processing center of the brain) and the nerves that control coordinated eye movements. There is a wide range of disorders that may require the opinion of a neuro-ophthalmologist, including: multiple sclerosis, stroke, head injury, and intra-cranial tumors. Patients with visual field defects, double vision, or decreased vision are often referred to neuro-ophthalmology.


We believe that patient education is vital in the process of your care.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers was developed with the philosophy that "patients count". This is achieved by providing a warm environment, a personal & caring approach to medical care and professional services that cover a wide range of services that meet each patient's "eye care" needs. Whether you are contemplating a surgical procedure, or you want to receive a fitting for your eyeglasses, rest assured, you will be treated like family.


Explore the services we offer:


Cataract, retinal, refractive & cosmetic surgery

Exam services for the whole family

Contact lens fitting & continued care

Low Vision services

Optical dispensary

In addition to our professional services, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers provide excellent patient care with qualified clinical staff. Many of our staff members carry certification in specific areas that they assist our doctors in the care of our patients.

COA Certified Ophthalmic Assistant

COT Certified Ophthalmic Technician

NCLE Certified to fit contact lens & assist the contact lens patient

ABO Certified to fit glasses

All of the above certifications require sponsorship, study, & passing a certification process. Each certified employee is also responsible for maintaining his or her certification with yearly continuing education credits.


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