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Our Positive Approach to ADD

Empowered Learning Transformation Center has expanded by training counselors, its approach to connect with teens to handle the demands and needs of families and teens. Additionally, Empowered Learning Transformation Center has always thought of creative experiential treatment approaches to reach those who might not respond to traditional therapies.


Our Child ADD Counselors not only meet with your children, they get to know them in a much more exciting way then just talking. Our therapists go beyond traditional therapies and incorporate special techniques!


Special Techniques like play therapy, recreation therapy, video games, board games, and more! TLC ADD therapists interact with the children and make a connection while also making counseling comfortable and fun. Our child therapists often use groups, retreats, and camps to help the children while in a more social environment, not just within the walls of the counseling center. Popcorn, Xbox, and humor are a usual experience in a counseling session at our center. Your children will learn, connect, and have fun all while getting the benefits of counseling.


In order to keep up with demand for Empowered Learning Transformation Center expertise the center has trained TLC Counselors to utilize his approach with ADHD.  The positive approach to ADD is refreshing and helps parents, and teachers get in the head of their students and truly empathize with their attentional issues.


ADD students are entrepreneurial, inventors like Thomas Edison, visionaries, creators, scientists like Albert Einstein, professional athletes like Terry Bradshaw, CEO’s, entertainers, and more because they are full of passion.  If we can help them through school and let them loose in their area of passion they will far exceed their peers.


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