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Early autism detection and drug-free therapy for children

We have developed a set of autism diagnosis and screening tests to properly identify the condition your child may have – whether it is autism or some other learning disability. Because autism is a spectrum disorder, symptoms of autism show up in a wide variety of ways with differing degrees of severity. This is one of the key reasons it is important to have an expert properly conduct early autism diagnosis testing and screening.

What is autism and how do I diagnose it?

Autism is neurologically based and affects a child’s ability to process information, impacting communication, social interaction and education performance. Early autism diagnosis (around age 3) is critical because proper autism treatment should start early and everything depends on a correct autism diagnosis. All of our autism diagnosis screenings are conducted by experts such as pediatricians, pediatric neurologists and child psychiatrists.

If my child undertakes an autism diagnosis test, how do I treat it if they test positive for autism?

If autism is diagnosed early, steps can be taken to give your child the unique therapies to best handle the severity of their condition. If your child is positively diagnosed with autism, we have a full suite of drug-free treatments that are uniquely applied based on the severity of autism diagnosed in your child. Example autism treatment options include:

·         EEG Biofeedback:  painless system that trains the brain to perform more efficiently with the individual’s active participation.

·         Auditory Integration Training

·         Sensory Integration Training and Sound Therapy Techniques

If my child is diagnosed with autism, will he or she ever be normal?

If your child is diagnosed with autism, it could mean your child will have a serious lifelong disability. However, consistent and proper treatment can help autistic children develop certain aspects of independence in their lives.

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