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Service are available to a wide range of individuals, families and couples.  Young children are served, as well as adolescents. Many of our clients are adults whose age may range from 18 to seniors.  Relationships and families are now made up of diverse populations and arrangements.  We look forward to providing services to all our clients.  If we are not able to help, we will assist with a referral to another health care provider.

Behavioral Health. Caring for one's behavioral health is one of the most important things that could be done.

We provide different levels and kinds of psychotherapy.  Use of therapy is designed to meet individual needs of our clients.  The type of counseling used could also change with the changing needs of a client.


Family Behavioral Diagnostics

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Psychological-Educational Diagnostics

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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, a service to help give you a peace of mind, a necessary second opinion.  It includes a professional review of records, school records, structured symptom inventories, completed test reports, or psychological-educational reports.  This service helps parents and others receive a second opinion of test results that have already been completed.


It is an economical way to obtain a second opinion.  A personal consultation is included, in person or by phone.  A written summary report is provided for your records.  All records and/or test information should be mailed or delivered to our office.  Fee is discussed on a case by case basis.  Obtain a peace of mind, call our office or submit your request with the form below.  You will receive our fee schedule for your charts.  A clinician will call in a few minutes or within the hour, during normal business hours.   Distant chart review is also available.


A second opinion is required to:

 a) Give a peace of mind that the test results address the client's presenting problem.

b) Insure the diagnosis is reasonable given the test results reported.

c) Services being provided are adequate, consistent with the what the person needs.

d) Determine if additional important services are needed, that have not been obtained.

e) Diagnostic issues were not ignored, as reported by the test scores.


Parent Coaching Services, is designed to reduce your stress as a parent in the parenting of your child.  In addition, stress reduction for the child is also an important goal.  Your specific family circumstances will be assessed.  After the assessment, specific suggestions will be offered to meet your specific circumstances.  Weekly guided coaching sessions are available to monitor your progress and fine tune your use of the techniques.  Distant guided parent coaching is also available.


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