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Treatment for children and adolescents is quite different than typical therapy with adults. Our philosophy is to treat the whole child within the systems he or she is involved and to facilitate an integrated approach...




Medication treatment for children and adolescents with emotional and neurological problems is a highly specialized area of expertise. The decision to put a child on medication is always one to be taken quite seriously ...




The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers has on staff several doctoral-level psychologists who have more than five years' experience post-licensure. They also have extensive experience in forensic/legal evaluations and have served as expert witnesses in court.



Our staff includes experts in the psychological treatment of children, adolescents and their families. We also offer a full range of psychiatric services, and we specialize in psychological, neuropsychological and forensic assessment. Our clinicians are highly trained and have a wealth of experience working with children, adolescents, parents and families. We work as a team to bring comprehensive state-of-the-art services to each child and family.



The professional staff members at the Center are here to help parents negotiate the complicated process of raising healthy children in a complex society where much can go wrong despite a parent's best efforts and intentions. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about childhood development, parenting, and problems that arise during childhood. We are a community based organization that has been serving families in New Jersey for over 20 years. We are here to provide expert advice and help to parents and families throughout a child's developmental years.



Our philosophy is to treat the whole child within the systems he or she is involved and to facilitate an integrated approach to the child's care with family, and other professionals working with the child. Following an initial evaluation our therapists will outline a treatment plan, including the working diagnosis, goals and objectives, frequency and type of sessions, and the estimated duration of treatment.


Therapy is a complex process in which healing and behavior change come about through regular sessions involving the child, family and therapist. Our staff will work to find the most effective type of interventions given the symptoms, diagnosis, and family needs. The diversity of our clinicians' expertise enhances our ability to bring to bear a wide variety of theoretical approaches ranging from psychodynamically oriented strategies, to evidence-based approaches, to medication management. We also have the capacity within the Center to provide help with individual parent issues and/or marital issues that affect the child and family. This is done in coordination with the child's therapist so as to provide a cohesive approach to treatment.


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