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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

In the heart of Shrewsbury Township… a place for discovering and learning together

At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we are proud to offer nurturing care, quality learning environments, and a blended creative and emergent curriculum that prepares your child for school… and for life.


Tucked away in the quaint Shrewsbury Township area of New Jersey, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is a safe haven where your young child will play and learn, grow and thrive.


Serving Shrewsbury Township, NJ families since 1995, we offer customized programs to meet the developmental needs of your child and accommodate your needs and schedule. Multi-age classes foster social unity and peer-to-peer learning under the expert guidance of our trained and experienced staff.  All of our classrooms from the Sunflower Room (Older Infant/Toddler’s) through the Maple Room (Younger Preschool) are introduced to basic Spanish vocabulary.  The Aspen Room (Older Preschool) has three Spanish lessons each week, and the older children (Willow and Azalea rooms) benefit from the richness of an immersive afternoon Spanish program.


Classroom teachers observe and document the children’s progress regularly and formally evaluate them three times throughout the school year. These evaluations are always available to parents and are utilized during parent/teacher conferences in the Fall and Spring.


Enriched creative and emergent curriculum, engaging classrooms, nutritional lunch and snacks, and expansive playgrounds with outdoor gardens provide your child a rich and diverse environment in which to learn and grow. Your child will be more than prepared to transition on to a public or private school after spending their foundational years at the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers.

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Our educational framework:

EMERGENT CURRICULUM is an ongoing and creative process. It begins with purposeful observation of the children’s interests and passions. The teachers use these observations to envision where they and the children might adventure together. Using careful documentation, creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience, the staff use the children’s own interests to develop enticing and meaningful programs.


DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE PRACTICES give us the standards for what young children are like in terms of social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development, and the characteristics and experiences that make each child unique. Knowing what is typical at each age and stage of early development is the key to promoting optimal learning opportunities.


CREATIVE CURRICULUM provides a “blueprint” for planning and implementing developmentally sound programs. Beginning by creating classroom environments that offer a variety of “areas of interest”, the teacher’s offer age-appropriate, skill increasing, group and individual activities. Recognizing that home and school are a young child’s two most important worlds, we connect these two worlds in positive and respectful ways. Partnering with families using informal and formal communications, offering a variety of ways for families to contribute and conducting conferences to discuss progress and to plan together. All these components join together to support each child’s healthy development and learning.


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