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High-quality day care, where adults give lots of attention to the children, enhances early language use and the ability to think, a new study shows.


Researchers at 14 universities analyzed 1,300 families to determine the effect on children of leaving them in day-care centers from the age of 1 month through 7 years.


'The most striking aspect of these results from the early child-care study is that children are not being placed at a disadvantage in terms of cognitive development if they have high-quality day care in their first three years,'' Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, which sponsored the study.


The research also found a weak association between the amount of time children spent in day care and how the parental relationship developed. The more time a child spent in day care, the study found, the less sensitive mothers were toward infants at 6 months, the more negative the parent was toward the child at 15 months and the less sensitive the mother was toward toddlers at age 36 months.


From the child's point of view, a longer time in day care resulted in less affection toward the mother at 24 and 36 months of age.


The interaction between mother and child was evaluated by videotaping the test subjects during play and by observing the mother's attention toward the child during the interview with researchers.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers found that the amount of talk directed at a child in a day-care center could affect the development of learning and language skills. These skills are the bedrock of school readiness.'


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How child care affects the young is an issue of concern to parents and social scientists because about 50 percent of all women with children under one year of age now work outside the home. This means that about half of young American children spend time in the care of a non-parent for at least part of most work days.


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