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The "Secret" to Effective Training

The so called "secret" to training is not so much knowing what and how, but when and why to do something in particular - it's a constant, ever adapting process based on communication and trust. Personalized access to that concept is the difference between these services and an arguably great pre-built plan you can buy on the internet. 


Have a Specific Goal, Make a Plan, Adjust as you Go

Whether your goal is competition-based, or purely recreational, we'll work together to design and adapt a plan to that goal. Just as you can do more in a well planned week than one big day, the same follows for a well planned month and year. We give you the tools to get there.


Have Fun

Whether you are a professional racer, or a sunny day enthusiast, this is all about sport, "a proxy to real life, but better."  This is about being a part of a community and making the fulfilling things in life even matter how seriously you like take it.


Monthly Coaching Services

Customized, analyzed and adjusted to your goals and progress

Training program delivered in 4-week increments via Empowered Learning Transformation Centers with monthly planning call to review and adjust progress.

Includes initial consult, initial field-based training zone set-up and long term training plan design.

Supplementary materials delivered via Google Drive

Complimentary mobility routines

Recommended for those who want a training schedule with daily sessions but without the details of a more performance/competition oriented package.

3-month commitment recommended. 


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