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The primary purpose of ATHLETE READINESS SOLUTIONS – is to deliver a range of performance-impacting solutions to build high-performance winning teams.


To accomplish our strategic goals, we utilize cutting-edge sport science athlete management software to aggregate Athlete Readiness and Recovery data enabling our clients to make informed decisions towards the quantitative aggregation of marginal gains for:


a) Optimization of training & competition schedules,

b) Maximize ‘Athlete Readiness to Perform’,

c) Manage ‘Athlete Recovery’ & Mitigate risk of injuries.

d) Identify ‘Athlete Injury-risk’ factors

e) Integrative system to create game-winning strategies


The combined use of Physiological Status Monitoring (PSM) and Local Position Monitoring (LPM) allows coaches to assess performance by comparing athletes who cover the same distance while at different intensities. Teams are using big data analytics to evaluate their athletes and team workloads for fatigue, recovery, tactics and performance by analyzing objective data in profile reports. In addition, player and team analytics not only streamline performance (e.g., Enhanced Stats), but Inertial Movement Analysis (IMA) also allows teams to prevent injuries and optimize rest & recovery.


The 5-day program is designed for professionals who wish to learn cutting edge sport science programs and technologies that are used to enhance performance of Olympic athletes. Participants will learn the psychological skills and strategies utilized by Olympic athletes to gain an edge for peak performance. In addition, participants will receive an Olympic Mindroom Mental Toughness & Resilience Workbook – which consists of 22 modules that highlight the key performance skills and how to integrate them within the Yearly Training Plan. Following each section of this Mental Toughness workbook, exercises ensure individualization of the mental skills and integration within the athlete’s pre-performance routines and game plans. The Mental Toughness workbook has been individualized for the following: Olympic Individual and Team sports (e.g., Endurance Sports, Golf, Speedskating, Target Sports, Football, Hockey, etc.).


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