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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

The Center for Child Development

Welcome to the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers! We are a group of independently practicing professionals that shares certain expenses and administrative functions. While the members share a name and website, each individual is completely independent in providing clinical services. We provide evidence-based psychotherapy to children, adolescents and adults, as well as neuropsychological and psychological evaluations, specialized reading intervention, school consultation, and psychiatric assessment and medication management.


Clinicians at the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers perform a wide variety of assessments, including neuropsychological, psychological, developmental, and psychoeducational assessments. Assessments are typically performed to determine if children meet criteria for diagnoses of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, to name a few, as well as mood and behavioral issues, such as anxiety and depression. Many of our clinicians also perform kindergarten readiness evaluations and consult with school staff to support your child’s learning needs.


A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of your child’s functioning across these areas:


General Intelligence / Cognitive Ability


Visual-spatial skills

Learning and Memory

Attention & Executive skills (e.g., working memory; planning and organization; problem solving)

Motor skills

Academic achievement (e.g., reading, spelling, mathematics, writing)

Adaptive skills (i.e., daily living skills)

Social skills

Emotional and behavioral functioning

The results from the neuropsychological evaluation can help determine if your child has problems with learning or behavior that may be interfering with their performance at school, their emotional functioning, and/or their ability to socialize with their peers. The findings can also be used by your child’s school team to qualify them for academic accommodations in the classroom or for more formal, individualized support and to help guide clinical treatments and interventions.


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