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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Testing is an important decision and the Empowered Learning Transformation Center will assist in determining whether or not an evaluation is appropriate in order to answer the questions parents, the school or referring professionals may have. The assessment process typically includes a parent interview, parent and teacher questionnaires, one or more testing sessions, as well as a review session with parents to discuss test results and recommendations.

Assessment appointments at the Empowered Learning Transformation Center can be arranged within 10 business days. Your student's comprehensive report and a review session with a Learning Lab assessment professional will follow within three weeks after completion of testing.

Our assessment center evaluates children's learning and cognitive abilities, including testing for ADHD, educational diagnostic tests, intellectual assessment, dyslexia, pre-school screening, kindergarten readiness, and psycho-educational evaluations. We can also focus on identifying a student's areas of potential strength, which can help to optimize success in their lifelong educational and career choices.

Our assessment team includes a licensed clinical Psychologist, Psychological examiners, and educational diagnosticians who collaborate to evaluate those who need these services…

·         Comprehensive Psycho-Educational Evaluations

·         Intellectual Assessments

·         Dyslexia Testing

·         ADHD Testing

·         Preschool Screening”

Learning is best achieved in a one-on-one environment. At the Empowered Learning Transformation Center, our program is purposeful, engaging and transformative. We carefully select, screen and train our staff to follow our proven Empowered Learning Transformation Center Approach for identifying each student’s aptitudes and nurturing their abilities.

The professional educators in each of our Sea Bright area Learning Centers are subject matter experts, coaches, and mentors who understand the learning process. They can isolate and help resolve problem areas in specific subjects or even provide a complete alternative learning environment for every major area of focus. Our professional tutoring staff can also help to identify and assist students who have learning differences which prevent them from performing at their peak level.


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