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The idea of starting Empowered Learning Transformation Center came when trainer Jason a mix of athletes (rugby & soccer players), fitness enthusiasts and others who just wanted something more than a treadmill to walk on- they wanted to flip some tires and work with a training program. That’s where it all began. All the participants saw improvements, the majority lost a second or more in their 100m sprint time. It was obvious that the quality of training programs was there, all that was needed was a platform to train at.


Spectrum was soon bought out by Gold’s gym. Gold’s was not known for the level of service that his client’s expected and deserved. Empowered Learning Transformation Center was then founded on the basis of providing a high level of service to their clients, along with a quality of training program that is above par of any other program around.


We offer the most comprehensive fitness programs around. We use an integrative approach that includes fitness, nutrition, motivation and recovery. And that is a big part of our success, proper planning and strategy leading to high results and low injury rates. Come find out more on how we can help you and what everyone is talking about.


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