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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Why Empowered Learning Transformation Centers?


For your body

At the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers,  our goal is to help you discover your own powers of inner healing. Your journey will be unique; we have no formula or template for the path to wellness. Our practitioners combine the best from Western Medicine, Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, and nutritional and lifestyle coaching to help you heal and balance your body.


For your mind

We offer numerous doorways to better health and mental wellness. We help you explore mind-body practices to help you balance and calm  your mind. These include meditation, yoga, biofeedback, therapeutic bodywork and massage, psychological counseling, nutritional and lifestyle coaching, energy healing and many classes and seminars designed to offer you tools to assist you in your quest for improved health and wellness.


For your spirit

Traditional medicine often treats your body and mind, but does not help you heal and strengthen your spirit. We do not believe we are “healers” or have all the answers. We are teachers, coaches, and collaborators with unique training and experience to help you discover your own best path. Our holistic approach addresses your body, mind and spirit so you are empowered to live a healthier and more rewarding life.


Our Mission

Our mission at the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is to provide you choices for your health and wellness needs. We strive to offer you practitioners who are excellent in their field and who follow the philosophy of a holistic approach to wellness and do so in an open-minded, caring and safe environment.

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