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Do you suspect that you have ADD/ADHD but have never received ADD/ADHD testing or treatment?   Many adults are questioning whether the struggles and difficulties in their life can be attributed to untreated symptoms of Adult ADD/ADHD.  More than 8 million adults in the US struggle with the symptoms but only a small percentage of these individuals are receiving treatment for ADD/ADHD.  The disruption caused by untreated symptoms can impact many areas of life from career and relationships to health and financial stability.

At Empowered Learning Transformation Centers our treatment team consists of clinicians experienced in providing treatment focused on the specialized needs of adults with ADD/ADHD.  Our services include a thorough Assessment, Psychotherapy/Coaching, and collaboration with psychiatrists for medication management.


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There is no one single test for ADD/ADHD.  What is required is a thorough assessment from a clinician specializing in this disorder.  Unfortunately many adults have been misdiagnosed over the years as a result of the limited number of clinicians trained to test for ADD/ADHD.  Adults often only receive treatment for the secondary issues that can accompany the disorder such as low self-esteem, drug and alcohol abuse, shame, depression, anxiety and relationship problems without ever addressing the core issue.


Our clinicians are trained to test for ADD/ADHD by providing a thorough assessment that differentiates this diagnosis from other possible diagnoses.  While certain criteria must be met for a diagnosis, ADD/ADHD presents differently in different people.   As a part of your assessment, we will identify the symptoms of ADD/ADHD affecting your life and will tailor treatment to fit your needs.  Receiving an accurate diagnosis is often very liberating to a person who has struggled all of their life with symptoms that they could not define or understand.



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