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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

The Center for Living Health is dedicated to helping individuals & families achieve balanced health on all levels by integrating the best of Holistic, Anthroposophic & Conventional Pediatric Medicine & Therapies.


With over 20 years of practice, he prefers strengthening and balancing the body with natural remedies and nutrition when possible, rather than only medicating to simply suppress symptoms. His practice includes families from the entire New Jersey who are looking for individualized holistic health care that addresses not only the physical symptoms but the emotional, social, environmental and spiritual aspects of health.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers specializes in:

• Children/Adolescents with complex or difficult issues

• Children/Adolescents that have failed conventional medical treatment

• Families who want a more natural and holistic approach to their health care


offers gentle holistic treatments for adults and children that build resilience, instill inner peace and harmonize the body.   She brings to her craniosacral therapy practice advanced training in the brain and nervous system and specializes in Sensory Processing issues and Emotional Heart Centered Healing.


Sessions follow a holistic and anthroposophic approach of balancing the bodily rhythms and treating the whole human being, not just the physical symptoms. Linda’s emotional healing work offers the opportunity to reformulate emotional responses, beliefs and life decisions that are blocking progress or causing physical pain, gaining newfound insight, wisdom, and strength.


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