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Attention Deficit Disorder, also known as ADD, is a condition that can cause hyperactivity, poor concentration and impulsivity. ADD can cause problems at school, work and home. The cause of ADD is unknown but researchers suspect factors like chemical imbalance, brain changes, brain damage or injury, substance abuse during pregnancy, heredity, and exposure to toxins during childhood contribute to ADD.

Some of many symptoms include: inability to focus, forgetful of daily activities, trouble in school or with homework, being overactive, unable to control behavior, unable to finish tasks, relationship problems, unorganized, easily distracted, loses things, running late all the time, anxiety, procrastination, mood swings, depression, impulsiveness, etc. These symptoms may start as a child and continue as an adult, or they may go away.

If you feel like you might need an evaluation for ADD and would like to get tested, schedule an appointment with one of our providers today by clicking on their name.”

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