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The Brain Performance Difference

    Not sleeping well?

    Unable to focus?

    Slow reaction time?

    Experiencing brain fog?

    Trouble remembering things?

    Lost your mental edge?

    Is your energy low?

    Anxiety interfering with daily function?


If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, your brain holds the key!

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers  coaches utilize advanced, non-invasive, bio-signal monitoring technologies to gain valuable insights about the brain and body. We then apply principles of nutrition, exercise, and restful behavior to improve overall brain performance. Better brain performance improves overall wellness, immunity, focus, quality of sleep and other health benefits.


Family Wellness

We believe brain health delivers a direct pathway to lower healthcare costs. Our wellness centers provide signature programs to facilitate long-term wellness in a simple, effective and affordable ways.


American Heroes

We seek opportunities to participate in causes that are important to the communities that we serve. We are intimately aware of the suffering and health crisis within our nation and strive to be part of the solution.


Brain Balancing

Brain science is one of the most exciting areas of discovery today. Explore brain balancing and brain fitness as a new way to improve your health.


We provide drug free, technology driven wellness programs to support the body's own natural healing properties. We focus on discovering imbalances providing non-intrusive pathways to optimize personal brain performance.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers leads the industry in wellness performance programs for military veteran, law enforcement and first responder groups.

Our military and law enforcement communities continually face exposure to stress and trauma. The veteran rate of suicide remains a national crisis and alarming statistics for law enforcement agencies point to ongoing job exposure to stress and trauma. This heavily taxes the capabilities for optimal performance and success potential.


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