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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects the brain’s development affecting language, communication, cognition, and social skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorder exists on a spectrum, from a very mild condition of social awkwardness commonly called Asperger’s Syndrome, to a more severe form (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in which language does not develop in childhood (but may develop later) with marked impairment in social relatedness. Some persons with Autism relate to others as objects rather than persons, and do not understand how to engage in regular social interaction.

Autism is more common than previously thought and affects boys more frequently than girls. Symptoms of Autism in children may be noticeable in early life; however, symptoms of autism in adults can become more prevalent as the social demands surpass underdeveloped capabilities.

An evaluation is the first step toward finding out if you or your child or loved one has autism spectrum illness. Call the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers today to learn more about autism testing.


Persons with autism spectrum illness exhibit social interaction difficulties, problems in verbal and nonverbal communication, as infants may not want to be touched or held, repeats certain words or phrases or physical movements, and may require their environment be the same—that is, they may not tolerate certain changes in diet or environment

Autism Spectrum Illness can be difficult to diagnose, and it can be confused with other neuropsychological conditions, such as Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD). However, an accurate autism diagnosis is critical so that important therapeutic services may be instituted. To assist with diagnosis, we also have the Autism Diagnostic Schedule, (ADOS), considered by many to be a gold standard component of Autism assessment. Our autism assessment test and treatment services are available to children and adults.

We specialize in the evaluation of autism spectrum illness and can assist in devising a comprehensive treatment plan and recommendations for the person with autism spectrum illness or related disorders. We have a large cohort of specialists with whom we work and after a diagnosis is made, can refer you to them for the best care for a person with autism spectrum illness.

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