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Despite multiple studies, researchers have yet to determine the exact causes of ADHD. However, scientists have discovered a strong genetic link since ADHD can run in families. More than 20 genetic studies have shown evidence that ADHD is strongly inherited. Yet ADHD is a complex disorder, which is the result of multiple interacting genes.

Other factors in the environment may increase the likelihood of having ADHD:

·         exposure to lead or pesticides in early childhood

·         premature birth or low birth weight

·         brain injury

Scientists continue to study the exact relationship of ADHD to environmental factors, but point out that there is no single cause that explains all cases of ADHD and that many factors may play a part.

Previously, scientists believed that maternal stress and smoking during pregnancy could increase the risk for ADHD, but emerging evidence is starting to question this belief. However, further research is needed to determine if there is a link or not.

The following factors are NOT known causes, but can make ADHD symptoms worse for some children:

·         watching too much television

·         eating sugar

·         family stress (poverty, family conflict)

·         traumatic experiences

ADHD symptoms, themselves, may contribute to family conflict. Even though family stress does not cause ADHD, it can change the way the ADHD presents itself and result in additional problems such as antisocial behavior.

Problems in parenting or parenting styles may make ADHD better or worse, but these do not cause the disorder. ADHD is clearly a brain-based disorder. Currently research is underway to better define the areas and pathways that are involved.


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