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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offers multiple programs and services to children and families with a diversity of needs. Based on an understanding of brain development and stimulation, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers interventions all have the same goal: to help all those we serve achieve their highest possible potential.


Programs and Services:

Turn Quist Childcare Center

Home Based Services

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Neurotechnology Services

Auditory Services

Vision Services

S.M.A.R.T. Boost Up Plus


For A Chance to Grow to be a place where children and adults can receive the support and guidance they need to achieve their highest possible potential.

To promote the maximum development of the whole child and adult through innovative, individualized and comprehensive brain-centered programs and services.

Excellence Is possible if we seek new and innovative ideas and are willing to continually challenge ourselves to do better.

Dedication Is demonstrated by consistent effort toward our work and concern for others in all we do.

Collaboration Allows us to achieve more together than we can apart and leads us to form productive alliances to achieve our mission.

Accountability Requires that we keep the welfare of those we serve utmost in mind and effectively demonstrate that our chosen strategies and interventions address their individual needs.


Diversity Is a source of strength in society and in the environment; to honor and protect it is a conscious choice we make, encompassing respect and appreciation of differences.

Hope Is a necessary ingredient of progress, leading us to seek solutions and share with others what we have found.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers also strives to be mindful of the following three ideals:

Innovation: Innovation must be at the forefront when finding and developing more effective interventions based on the latest brain research.

Balance: We strive to maintain a balance between effectiveness of our interventions and what is affordable based on society priorities and resources.

Dissemination: In order to help on a broad basis those, we serve to achieve their highest possible potential, we continuously seek ways to model optimal interventions and train and mentor professionals to replicate the interventions.

Many of our various programs and services build off of one another in an integrated manner. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers takes an interdisciplinary approach that places the person at the center by determining where he or she is at and addressing the full range of needs through the most appropriate intervention or combination of interventions.


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