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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers. is a private practice that offers a variety of services for our clients conveniently located in Oceanport, New Jersey.  We specialize in Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychological assessment and treatment.


Neuropsychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Individual and Group Psychotherapy

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Forensic Services Including:

     Independent Medical Examinations

     Forensic Assessment

     Competency Assessment

     Expert Witness Testimony


Treatment Services are offered for persons with

acquired brain injury.


Services include:

Individual Psychotherapy for persons with and without acquired brain injury. 

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation for persons who have an acquired brain injury and who have completed acute rehabilitation, but are still having difficulty making a good adjustment, living independently, or returning to work. This requires a wraparound treatment program rather than just a computer program to maximize the ability to use these skills in more than one setting.


Psychological assessment involves the clinical assessment of the patient to improve the understanding of their personality or level of functioning. The goal is to obtain an accurate diagnosis to help develop an effective treatment plan.   


Psychological assessment involves reviewing history, a clinical interview, and selected psychological tests.  The goal is to increase the understanding of the treatment team of the issues facing the patient and improving treatment.   


Memory & Psychological Services, Inc. is a private practice that serves adolescent and adult clientele.  We offer a variety of neuropsychological, clinical, and forensic services. Our Clinical Neuropsychologist, Dr. Jody Pickle, has been in private practice since 2005. For further questions about the services we provide


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