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Our program was designed and created by a team of optometrists, and ophthalmologist and a school teacher.  Each of these members continued to see children whose reading ability did not match their intelligence.  Over years of development, they created a program with measurable improvements that has changed many lives. 


arents quickly provided feedback that their children were improving in their sports too!

With that, our program was born.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for each child and adult we work with.  From young children to the best athletes in the world, we want to help you.


The visual system plays a crucial role in athletic performance.  Reaction time, peripheral awareness, focus, tracking and hand-eye coordination can all be improved by training with True Focus Vision. 


The visual system plays a crucial role in reading and learning.  Having 20/20 eyesight does not guarantee that a child has the visual tools they need for smooth reading and efficient learning.


n assessment with True Focus will give you and your child an exact snapshot of how their visual system is performing in 6 key areas.


Tracking - Smooth and Fluid Eye Movements

Smooth and fluid eye movements can make reading a much easier task.  Jumpy and erratic eye movements can cause children to skip words, get tired from reading, or to lose focus and get frustrated.


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