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About Us

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is the center for the evaluation and treatment of ADD and ADHD. We also specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Social Skill deficits and Coaching. We believe in holistic full-service approach that includes therapy, testing, medication, nutritional and organizational coaching.


ADD/ADHD Assessment

We’ve learned that certainty provides relief.  Be certain if you have ADD/ADHD. An ADD/ADHD assessment at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers  will give you that certainty. Our assessments include one-on-one assessment with a therapist. Once our assessments are completed, we will help you develop a plan to address your needs.  Creating the plan will give you specific steps to address your issues and develop your strengths.



Our comprehensive ADD/ADHD evaluation include a clinical interview, assessment questionnaires developed by the top ADD/ADHD experts, and tests of executive functioning. With your permission and only when appropriate we also involve your family and those who know you best. After the evaluation, you will have a conclusive answer about your ADD/ADHD status and a plan for treatment.


Getting Started

Call or email us anytime.  We will ensure that you get an appointment as soon as possible and that we begin working straight away.  Our comprehensive assessments use the best diagnostic tools to obtain an accurate picture of you or your loved ones current challenges and greatest potential.  If you think you or your loved one is struggling or could just use an emotional tune up, call us for an initial evaluation.


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