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What is “Continuous Performance Testing” (CPT)?

Specialized computer testing programs are now available to assess attention, concentration, and impulsivity. Research strongly supports the diagnostic ability of these programs that use sight and sound to check how a child responds to a variety of challenges. Following each 30-minute test, a preliminary score is generated, determining the presence and severity of inattentiveness and impulsivity. Researchers now say that, without CPT, ADHD treatment is not up-to-date. There are a few different CPT programs available, and Empowered Learning Transformation Centers uses the program with the most research behind it for optimal results.


Why use CPT?

When ADHD-like symptoms are present, the use of CPT is a quick, non-invasive, effective, and reliable way to establish a baseline. CPT can then be used to test medications for effectiveness. Since there is no “practice effect,” and patients can do CPT several times, the impact of different dosages and medications can be measured. This means that you no longer need to wonder if a prescribed drug is appropriate and effective. Upon completion of a CPT test, results are immediately analyzed and a complete interpretation and graphical report is provided to you and explained through a personal consultation. With your consent, CPT reports are shared with the prescribing physician.


When the Treatment Path is Identified?

The side effects of ADHD medications are well documented, but can be effectively managed by working with the team of specialists at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers. Studies have shown that patients treated for ADHD benefit most from a combination of therapies, including nutritional and psychological counseling. Also, throughout the course of treatment, CPT can be periodically administered to monitor your child’s progress to provide you and your doctor with reassurance, or as necessary, to identify the need for adjustments in therapies. Since dosages are likely to change as your child grows, this kind of continual assessment is critical.


What if it’s Not ADHD?

ADHD is clearly over-diagnosed, and it’s no wonder why. The symptoms of ADHD are seen in over 50 other treatable conditions, including auditory/visual problems, other psychiatric conditions, faulty nutrition, food allergies, and musculoskeletal issues. If CPT indicates that ADHD is not the appropriate diagnosis, then the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers can provide a comprehensive and multi-specialty assessment to determine the underlying causes of your child’s symptoms. A clinical psychologist can conduct psychological assessments to determine the accurate psychiatric diagnosis; evidence-based therapy may then be provided. An audiologist can determine if hearing or auditory processing problems are present, and an optometrist can assess the role of eyesight in the patient’s difficulties. The chiropractor can use sensory-integration—along with other scientific measures—to address underlying causes of problems. A registered dietician can determine how a patient’s diet and lifestyle can be adjusted to maximize health.


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