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Vision Therapy that improve lives

Better living through better vision - We provide an individualized treatment program to correct visual-motor, or visual information processing deficiencies due to inadequate development.


Vision Therapy is a treatment regimen that is designed to correct or improve specific dysfunctions of the visual system, including such disorders such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (turned eye), poor eye-hand coordination, focusing problems, perceptual difficulties and eye movement disorders.

Because vision therapy is individualized, the procedures used and the duration of therapy depends upon the nature and severity of the problem being treated as well as the specific needs of each patient.


What issues could be improved with vision therapy?


• Struggling with “near work” such as reading or looking at a computer screen

• Frequently losing your place while reading

• Omitting or re-reading letters or words

• Confusing similar looking words

• Poor reading comprehension

• Reversing letters or words after age seven

• Seeing double


What can I expect in a vision therapy evaluation?

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers provides a thorough examination that will measure how your eyes work together, focus and how accurately and smoothly your eyes move together across a page of print as well as how well you process visual information.


There are different types of vision therapy evaluations visits depending

on your needs, including:

A Visual Skills Evaluation – examines the visual system’s ability to track and change fixation, maintain and accurately change focus and maintain the efficient use of two eyes functioning together. Problems in these areas may contribute to inefficient reading and poor attention span.


A Perceptual Evaluation – examines the patient’s ability to process visual information and integrate this information with auditory and motor skills. Visual recognition, copying skills, visual memory, and directional organizational concepts are tested.


Pre- or Post-Surgical Evaluations – examines the need for surgical intervention for strabismus (an eye turn) or the need for Vision Therapy before or after surgery.


How can vision therapy help?

Treatment plans are tailored to specific diagnosed dysfunctions and encompass the use of lenses, prisms and patching (among other things). Because the therapy is individualized, the procedures used and the duration of therapy are dependent upon the nature and severity of the problem being treated and the specific needs of the patient.


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