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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

We are a full scope optometric practice dedicated to providing the highest quality vision care to children and adults in a friendly, comfortable, and professional atmosphere. With a highly trained staff and state of the art equipment, we go beyond 20/20.


Visual Symptoms Treatment Center provides:

Comprehensive Eye Examinations for All Ages, including Infants and Preschoolers

Eyewear Designing and Dispensing

Contact Lens Fitting and Follow-up, including Specialty Lenses, such as Bifocal, Astigmatism (Astigmatic, Toric) and Scleral Lenses

Treatment of Eye Diseases and Co-Management of Surgery

Vision Therapy for All Ages

Treatment for Learning-related Vision Problems which can include or relate to ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia or Dyslexic, Sensory Integration, Reading Problems, and Visual Processing, Eye Tracking and/or Eye Teaming Problems


Treatment for Binocular Vision Conditions, such as Amblyopia (lazy eye), Convergence Insufficiency (near vision disorder), Diplopia (double vision), Poor Depth Perception (stereopsis or 3D vision), and Strabismus (cross-eyed, wandering eye, eye turns, etc.)


Visual Rehabilitation for Patients with Special Needs, such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or Developmental Delays, including Concussions, Autism, Sensory Integration Disorders, Stroke, Whiplash, Cerebral Palsy, MS, Parkinson ‘s, etc.


Treatment for Stress-related Visual Problems, including Blurred Vision, Visual Stress from Reading and Computers, Eye Strain Headaches, and/or Vision-induced Stomachaches or Motion Sickness


Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) Co-management and Pre- and Post- Surgical Consultation


Sports Vision Training based on Specialized Assessment and Testing. Find out about Eye-Hand-Body Exercises that Improve Coordination, Balance and Reaction Time for All Ages

There's more to healthy vision than 20/20 eyesight!

Learn more about Symptoms of visual problems which

affect reading, learning, school, sports and life success.


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