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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers strives to improve and enrich the lives of people with attention deficit disorders (ADHD/ADD) through high-quality, comprehensive, affordable treatment and support services. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers provides a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of ADHD for individuals of all ages. Services provided include diagnostic evaluations, a multimodal treatment program, individual psychotherapy and behavior therapy, couples therapy, support groups, and other support services.



Basic facts about ADHD diagnosis:

·         A diagnostic evaluation is the first step in managing ADHD.

·         A qualified health care professional can provide a diagnostic evaluation to determine if a child, adolescent, or adult has ADHD.

·         A diagnostic evaluation may be performed at any age, however we do not encourage diagnostic testing for children younger than five years old.

·         A compressive ADHD evaluation cannot be done just from brief office observations.

·         A compressive ADHD evaluation cannot be done just from talking to the person.

·         There is no single psychological, medical, or genetic test for ADHD.


A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation includes:

·         A thorough diagnostic interview, including past and current functioning

·         A comprehensive history (developmental, medical, academic, work, social, family)

·         ADHD behavioral checklists based on DSM-5 criteria

·         Standardized behavior rating scales for ADHD

·         Standardized behavior rating scales for common co-existing conditions associated with ADHD

·         Other types of psychological testing as deemed necessary by the clinician

·         For students of any age, an intellectual assessment to help determine areas of strengths and weaknesses, and to provide more detailed information about the impact of ADHD on cognitive functioning

·         Psychoeducational testing as needed for individuals with concerns about academic development or learning disabilities

·         Documentation of ADHD related impairments necessary for requesting accommodations for standardized exams (ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, Licensing Exams, etc.)

·         Review of past evaluations and school records


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