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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

The goal at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is to provide a safe, healthy, learning environment. To advance physical and intellectual competence by providing positive guidance while supporting social and emotional development. We also aim to establish positive and productive relationships with our families to ensure a well-run, purposeful program that is responsive to participant needs.


By choosing Empowered Learning Transformation Centers for your child(ren), you will become part of the most dedicated and well-established child care centers around. Each child will receive quality care through diverse learning with devoted interaction. Your child(ren) will enjoy each day, filled with exciting learning experiences and peer interaction. Come and join us for a fun-filled, life-changing experience with a child care center that cares.


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers offers the following amenities:


    3-Star Center

    No Enrollment Fee

    Low Staff Turnover

    All Staff CPR/First Aid-Certified


    Breakfast, Morning and Afternoon Snacks, and a Nutritious Lunch

    Pre-K Graduation

    No Appointment Needed to See the Center



By enrolling your child in our Infant/Toddler program, your child will receive quality care with an attentive staff to assist their every need. These shall include, but not limited to, diapering, potty training, meal assistance, fine motor and listening skills and peer interaction. The ABEKA curriculum is available in the toddler class. Children will also have outdoor playtime on their own age-appropriate playground.


By participating in these programs, your child will benefit from a structured learning environment that focuses on health and safety, physical and emotional growth, cognitive and creative skills as well as social development. These are all the necessary tools that your child will receive in order to prepare them for kindergarten. There is a separate age-appropriate playground for Preschool/K-Prep program.



We provide transportation to and from local area schools. Each bus driver is CPR and first aid-certified, has a clean driving record and attends driver training classes every six months. Buses are inspected annually by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Upon arrival from school each day, your child will receive a snack and can participate in any of the activities available at the center. Outside playtime will be available for children on their own playground. Opportunity to do homework, as well as tutoring is available.


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