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·         Does your child have a hard time paying attention?

·         Is schoolwork suffering due to a lack of focus?

·         Are you worried about side effects from ADHD medication?


The first step is to discover whether or not your child actually has any of the typical symptoms of ADHD before doing anything else. One of the ways to do this is to have an ADHD test at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers. Based on the results you are than able to decide on what to do next.


Local Monmouth ADHD Testing Available

If you want a more detailed assessment of your child’s ADHD symptoms, or would simply rather discuss your child’s needs in person, we’d be happy to arrange for you to visit Empowered Learning Transformation Centers.  We have a variety of assessment options to fit your needs plus a free consultation with an ADHD specialist which will help you understand your child’s symptoms and how they may be corrected using scientifically developed and medically endorsed methods, without the need for drugs.


Already Tested? Get a Second Opinion

Did your son or daughter already have an ADHD test and you are unsure of or unhappy with the results?  Get a second opinion and discover alternative solutions to helping your child with ADHD.  Empowered Learning Transformation Centers are happy to speak with about the results you received and to provide our own assessment so that you can be better informed for making the right choice for your child.



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