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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers your trusted optometrist for contact lenses and eyeglasses in Monmouth Beach NJ. We take great pride in our many happy and satisfied patients and want you to have the best possible experience too!


Why do our patients love to get their glasses and contact lenses from Visual Health Doctors of Optometry? Keep reading to find out!


1) Trusted Expertise of Our Eye Care Practitioners

Let’s face it, you only have one set of eyes to last for a lifetime, so you want to choose highly trained eye care specialists who use the most advanced ophthalmic technology and equipment. During your eye exam, our optometrist will use the latest ophthalmic devices in order to thoroughly measure and evaluate any potential eye issues, as well as generate the precise prescription for your contact lens or eyeglasses. We are also well versed in different eye conditions that may directly affect the effectiveness of your contacts or eyeglasses, which guides you to make the right selection based on your unique vision needs.


2) We Offer Quality Brands with Competitive Pricing

When you want contact lenses and eyeglasses in Monmouth Beach NJ, or anywhere in northern New Jersey, our specialists at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers caution you to get your contacts or eyeglasses from a reputable optometrist based on a hands-on assessment of your distinct eye health conditions.


We know there are many online retailers who promise contacts or glasses for bargain basement prices. These days, health care providers – including eye specialists – often see people who have tried and suffered from cheap, online alternatives. The inferior materials typically used in online eyeglasses and contacts can actually cause damage, sometimes irreversible. It simply isn’t worth the risk. You can learn more about the risks of online contact lenses by reading our free report, Five Essential Reasons to Get Your Contact Lenses from an Optometrist & Not Online.


We also price match, so you know you are getting the most competitive pricing possible. Rest assured, our patients are always happy to learn that our practice participates in all direct rebate program offered by multiple manufacturers. We also maintain an extensive inventory of contact lens and eyeglasses at our retail locations, so you get optimal vision and great selection – at the very lowest price available!


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