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People are quick to seek out lessons for things like learning a musical instrument or foreign language training, but they tend to forget that things like memory, concentration, and focus can also be taught. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is all about empowering adults and children to use Brain Education as a way of maximizing innate brain potential.


The expert teachers at Power Brain Training Center utilize a combination of classical Asian mind-body techniques and proven neuroscience findings to create a curriculum that can enhance your emotional and mental performance. Their 5-step Brain Education System Training program is based on the concept of integrative health and effective brain management. Through group and individual classes, the program can reduce stress, improve concentration, lose weight, increase memory, and even help students find peace of mind.


This holistic approach to brain and body awareness relies on the idea that physical and mental well-being depend on each other. Practices like yoga, Ki Gong, and meditation combine with state-of-the-art mental training to produce unbelievable results.


The classes at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers are all taught by certified Brain Expert trainers, meaning you’re receiving the best quality instruction out there. Different classes appeal to different people, but some of their specialties include courses that focus on:


    Physical Health

    Brain & Body Awareness

    Concentration, Focus, and Memory

    Brain Coordination and Integration

    Stress Management and Relaxation

    Emotional Regulation and Positive Attitude

    Confidence and Self-efficacy

    Imagination and Creativity

    Goal Setting and Life Purpose

    Global Consciousness


If you want to start on the exciting path to a healthier and happier you, visit Empowered Learning Transformation Centers online today.


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