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You can improve your performance and fitness and increase your speed, power, strength, mobility and stamina through Velocity’s proven training programs.  Use the system that has helped elite athletes around the globe.


Recover faster and bounce back from hard training, competitions or the daily grind.  You can access the same methodology and technology elite athletes do to accelerate the regeneration process in all four areas of stress and recovery.


Too often rehab is focused on just the injury, instead of what you can do.  Velocity’s “athlete-centered” approach gets you back quicker and at a higher level whether it’s coming back from surgery, or just getting rid of nagging pain.


We offer young athlete performance programs based on age & grade:


Fundies (5-7 years)

Youth (8-11 years)

Accelerated (12-14 years)

Competitive (15+ Years).


Using a proven long term athlete development model, we apply the components of developing speed, agility, strength and power in an age appropriate way.


Velocity’s integrated methodology seamlessly combines training, rehab, regen, nutrition and mindset to support athletes and teams from around the globe.

From Olympic Committees and National Teams through athletes in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB and MLS we have solutions for the world’s best.



No matter what result you are training for; weight loss, sports performance, functional movement, strength development, or any other fitness goal…Velocity’s Adult programs will help you achieve your goals…FAST!

After you’ve sustained an injury, you have to work hard to return to the game with total physical and mental confidence.

Once you’ve had an injury, your chance of re-injury is magnified greatly. Modern performance rehab focuses on you, the athlete, and what you can do while injured, plotting a path to better performance.


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