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Treatment Options for Visual Processing Issues

Visual processing issues can’t be “cured”—but there are many strategies and supports that can help.

Vision therapy can help with eye coordination issues.

Educational therapy can help children with visual processing issues learn to work around their weaknesses.

If your child has visual processing issues, or if you suspect he does, there are some treatment options that can help. But it’s important first to find out exactly what’s going on with your child.


That’s because kids who have difficulty processing visual information may have dyslexia, too. Therapy or treatment that helps with one issue may not help with the other. It’s also important to know whether your child has any eyesight problems. These are separate from visual processing issues. And correcting vision does not help with visual processing issues.


With the right kind of strategies and support, kids with visual processing issues can learn to read and write well. Here’s a look at what helps with visual processing issues. As you read, keep in mind that there are many non-medical ways to help kids with these issues succeed in school and in life.

Are there medications to help kids with visual processing issues?

There are no medications that can treat visual processing issues. But if you think your child is also dealing with ADHD or other challenges like depression or anxiety, talk with your child’s doctor. Together, you can come up with a treatment plan for any co-occurring issues.

Depending on your child’s issues, the doctor can help you decide whether the treatment plan will include ADHD medication, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication.


What types of therapy and intervention can help kids with visual processing issues?

There are three kinds of therapies that are important to be aware of as you’re considering ways to help your child with visual processing issues.

Optometric vision therapy: It’s important to note that there is more than one kind of vision therapy. Optometric vision therapy has been proven to help with vision problems that involve eye movements or eye alignment. These eye coordination issues are different from visual processing issues. Visual processing issues involve the way the brain processes the information the eyes take in.


You may hear some kinds of optometric vision therapy referred to as “orthoptic vision therapy.” Both can help with eye muscle and eye alignment. These kinds of therapy can help with vision problems such as convergence insufficiency (when the eyes don’t work together properly when trying to focus on a nearby object).

Optometric vision therapy doesn’t “cure” learning and attention issues. But if your child has vision problems in addition to dyslexia and other issues, resolving vision problems can help him devote more energy to finding strategies that can help with the way his brain processes information.


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