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ADD/ADHD is the most common neurobehavioral disorder of childhood.

ADD/ ADHD affects about 3 – 5% of school aged children.  ADD/ADHD is diagnosed much more often in boys than in girls. In adults, the hyperactivity and impulsivity may be less apparent. For many individuals, these difficulties in childhood continue in adult life.


ADHD symptoms include:

·         Difficulty staying focused and on task, distractibility.

·         High activity levels,  or, especially with adults, a feeling of restlessness

·         Impulsivity, or acting without thinking about the consequences

·         Deficits in organization, planning, and in regulating emotions.



Our psychological evaluations: careful, complete assessment so YOU understand.

At the Empowered Learning Transformation Centers, we will work carefully with you to understand all of the difficulties you are facing in life and get to the bottom of it. We will take the time needed to understand the problem completely. A key part of the evaluation is to identify a range of solutions that are the right ones for you. When we review the results with you, we will be sure to answer all of your questions. What matters most to us is that YOU understand the problem and know the path forward. Because it is only when you understand the problem that can you change it.


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