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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers strives to improve and enrich the lives of people with attention deficit disorders (ADHD/ADD) through high-quality, comprehensive, affordable treatment and support services. ADHD Center provides a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of ADHD for individuals of all ages. Services provided include diagnostic evaluations, a multimodal treatment program, individual psychotherapy and behavior therapy, couples therapy, support groups, and other support services.




Basic facts about ADHD diagnosis:

·         A diagnostic evaluation is the first step in managing ADHD.

·         A qualified health care professional can provide a diagnostic evaluation to determine if a child, adolescent, or adult has ADHD.

·         A diagnostic evaluation may be performed at any age, however we do not encourage diagnostic testing for children younger than five years old.

·         A compressive ADHD evaluation cannot be done just from brief office observations.

·         A compressive ADHD evaluation cannot be done just from talking to the person.

·         There is no single psychological, medical, or genetic test for ADHD.



ADHD is a lifespan biological condition. Contrary to some popular stereotypes, most children with ADHD do not "grow out of it." ADHD can be managed well at any age with an appropriate individualized treatment plan that meets the needs of the individual at that point in his or her life. Because every person with ADHD is a unique individual, every treatment plan must be uniquely designed for that person.


Psychotherapy and behavior therapy are helpful for most individuals with ADHD, particularly those who are newly diagnosed, whether or not the person takes ADHD medication. At ADHD Center a primary focus is on developing behavioral strategies and coping skills including improved organization, time management, effective planning, reducing procrastination, and improving efficiency and productivity.

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