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The ability to take in visual and auditory information is imperative to a strong performance in academics.  Visual processing and visual processing speed are important skills for the classroom and at home.


Poor visual processing speed can impact:

Peer relations




Sometimes defines self-concept

Reading, Math, and Writing fluency

Reading performance and development



Ability to discriminate between visual information

Difficulty working under time pressure

Test taking

Motor Coordination

Sports performance

Computer skills

Copying from the board


Auditory Processing Disorder, sometimes call Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) can run in families and can occur without a hearing loss. Students with CAPD are often sensitive to noise and it is common in students with ADD and ADHD.


 CAPD can impact:

 Social interactions/peer relationships

 Ability to understand curriculum and teacher’s directions

 Affects how the brain perceives and processes what is heard

 Understanding spoken language


 Focus on a person’s voice

 Discrimination between meaningful sounds from background 


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