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All A.D.D. children are different and will display individual behavior patterns, each to their own degree of severity. Many will display some if not all of the following:-

·         Inattention: - Many sights, sound, memories and other stimulation's compete for a child's attention at the same time. This makes the child easily distracted, flit from one thing to another, and forget instructions. Some are distant and dreamy at times, making them look spaced out. One to one supervision of the child works well but it must be remembered that the child has a poor short term memory.

·         Impulsiveness: - The child may speak or act without thinking at times inappropriately and may have a short fuse, leading to temper tantrums.

·         Over-activity:- The child can be restless and fidgety, constantly tapping their foot or fiddling with their fingers.

·         Insatiability: - Never satisfied the child appears to go on and on about a certain subject, can seem as if they are interrogating and generally tries to intrude or take over conversation. This can cause enormous tension.

·         Social Clumsiness: - The child never seems to quite 'fit' in with their peer group and can act silly in a group. They can be overpowering and bossy wanting to be the centre of attention, whatever the cost.

·         Poor Co-ordination:- The child may be clumsy and appear awkward in their movements. They have difficulty doing two actions at the same time and will probably produce untidy written work.

·         Disorganization: - Blind to mess and oblivious to organization the child can have problems structuring school work and find homework and projects difficult to start.

·         Variability: - the child can have severe mood swings and be very volatile. They can have good and bad days with no real explanation.

Specific Learning Difficulties: - Although most children appear to have a high I.Q. most will have learning difficulties due to their poor attention span. Many however do appear to have a combination of A.D.D. and a more specific learning difficulty, for example, Dyslexia or language problem.


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