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Empowered Learning Transformation Centers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers responds to community needs by delivering holistic, family-centered, and culturally competent programs. Founded in 1995, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers is the largest nonprofit social service provider for Asian American and Asian immigrant families in the Greater New Jersey area, supporting over 2,000 children, youth, and adults each year at three locations.


Our Mission

The mission of Empowered Learning Transformation Centers  is to ensure that the children, youth, and families we serve have the resources and supports they need to achieve greater economic success and social well-being.


Our Vision

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers believes that families have enormous potential to thrive, and that when immigrants are able to participate fully in society and create their own success stories, all of society benefits. Our vision is that:


Families and individuals are self-sufficient

Families are strong, healthy, and safe

Children have opportunities for school success

Neighborhoods are strong and cohesive


Empowered Learning Transformation Centers supports working families through dual-language child care, as well as enriching and culturally competent after-school and summer programs. Each year, 180 children receive nationally accredited dual-language early education and care, and 160 children participate in licensed after school and summer programs with education support and enrichment. In addition, 600 children and adults participate in recreation and enrichment activities through a partnership with the New Jersey Center for Youth and Families.

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers supports youth and adults to identify and follow an education or career pathway that leads to higher education, a stable career, and progress on the economic continuum. Each year, 400 adults study English in Boston and Quincy, 100 entrepreneurs, parents, and youth learn financial literacy and budgeting skills, and 150 youth develop “21st-century skills” needed to thrive in college and careers

Empowered Learning Transformation Centers engages participants with the understanding they face multifaceted needs as members of families and communities. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers family-centered approach recognizes that valuable experiences happen both in and outside the classroom. Empowered Learning Transformation Centers aims to build high-functioning families, stable neighborhoods, and opportunities for creative expression and intergenerational conversation to make a community healthy and vibrant. Each year, 300 immigrant participants receive parent education and training, counseling, advocacy, and referrals. Community members participate in artistic and creative activities through Empowered Learning Transformation Centers programs.


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