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ADD/ADHD Testing

Ever wonder if symptoms of ADD/ADHD might be holding you back?  Or affecting your child's achievement in school? 

Testing for ADD/ADHD can provide both adults and parents with information.  We at Empowered Learning Transformation Centers help people manage these types of problems. We provide people with information about ADD/ADHD, what it is and what it isn't.  With computerized testing and behavioral rating scales. We can shine a light on the type and severity of the ADD/ADHD symptoms. 

A diagnosis of ADD/ADHD does not automatically mean medication. There are other options.   The impact of these symptoms on you or your child will not disappear-certainly not without an understanding of the problem. 

Most health insurance providers will help with ADD/ADHD testing.   Empowered Learning Transformation Centers have helped students of all ages and their parents to manage the effects of ADD/ADHD on school achievement and family life.  We have helped adults improve their work performance and their satisfaction with their lives.

If you are ready to evaluate the situation and get some answers, call us or email us to set up a free fifteen-minute consultation. 

Can you really afford any more "underperforming"?  Or afford allowing your child to experience these effects?



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