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Drug Free Treatment Programs

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Individualized ADD/ADHD Treatment

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Learn About the Center for Attention Deficit Disorder

We treat attention deficit and attention hyperactivity disorder in children and adults, using traditional and innovative methods - specializing in state-of-the-art and drug free treatment. Watch our video for more information.


Accelerated Treatment Programs

This accelerated ADD/ADHD treatment program is a condensed version of our normal treatment program, allowing you to gain break-through results more quickly.


All participants in our accelerated program also get free pre and post computer-based testing for ADD/ADHD.


Treatment for Learning Disorders and Disabilities

Learning disorders impact how well a person can understand, remember and process new information. Most learning disorders impact children at a very young age although symptoms are usually not recognized until the child reaches school age and they fall behind other students of similar age, grade level, and intelligence. Learning disabilities are estimated to impact over 3.0 million US children according to a recent study by New Jersey University Medical Center.


What causes learning disorders?

The specific causes of learning disabilities are not known, but they are believed to occur due to an irregularity in the nervous system - in the structure of the brain or in the functioning of brain chemicals. This difference causes the child to receive, process, or communicate differently. Left untreated, learning disabilities follow an individual into adulthood and impact their quality of life including self esteem, relationships and careers.


How are learning disorders treated?

The first step is a professional evaluation by a qualified mental health professional who can properly diagnose a learning disorder. Learning disabilities can be treated enabling a person to function successfully in a learning or any other environment. The Empowered Learning Transformation Centers specializes in working with children and adults who have learning disabilities using innovative, brain-based therapies to improve the individual's learning capabilities.


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