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Autism Testing Loch Arbour

ELTC Autism Testing Loch Arbour provides children with autism the chance to learn and become more independent. Our center is recognized for aiding families and autistic children using the research based on Applied Behavior Analysis.

Autism Spectrum Disorder has historically had a profound impact on families. With the increased prevalence of autism in children, this profound impact has only spread to more and more families.

It is our goal to play a critical role in the lives of these families through our comprehensive and intensive interventions for children with autism. Autism Testing Loch Arbour’s programs for children on the autism spectrum address each area where our children are affected and experience difficulty, ranging from home to school.

Treatment Method

At ELTC we understand that time is important for children with autism. Because of this, our treatment approach utilizes an Applied Behavior Analysis methodology. Applied Behavior Analysis is the only research proven treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder. Children with autism don’t have time to lose, so we use a treatment approach that has been shown to teach the most in the shortest amount of time.

It’s hard to know the facets of a solid program. We have therefore identified some characteristics of an Applied Behavior Analysis program for your reference:

·         functional assessments for problem behavior

·         reinforcement based strategies for teaching new behaviors

·         generalization goals

·         parent training

·         teaching functionally equivalent replacement behaviors

Parent involvement and individualized programs for autistic children are cornerstones to effective treatment. Our autism treatment programs are comprehensive, intensive and child friendly. Using the information gathered during our assessment process, an individual treatment program is created for your child and each child’s learning is continually monitored to ensure that we adapt to their unique learning styles.

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